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By CATAdvanced Cash

Photos have been online here since 1999. I've just launched a news-oriented site, getyournewshere.com. If you're with an organization or business that needs news and/or photo coverage of an event, please email me! I can use your releases and possibly provide coverage myself. If I'm unable to attend, I can use your writeup and/or photos. jim@getyournewshere.com is the email address. Also, I've installed a robust event calendar program, so email me every event you know of so it can be listed. (Linked to off of the getyournewshere.com site, but its direct address is http://calendar.getyournewshere.com).

If the photos you're looking for were taken after April 15, 2002, you want to view the getyournewshere.com site. (They'll be linked to there, often with a news writeup. Additionally, you'll be able to view news items that don't have pictures that way.)

Click here for getyournewshere.com or select the links below to enter the picture site. (For photos taken prior to mid-April, 2002.)

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Trouble viewing the site? Email me at jim@pics-by-jim.com with your browser name (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc.), version number and whether you're using a Mac, PC or another workstation type. Thanks.

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